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‘Gone Glimmering’ de Chavez, un classique du rock 90’s réédité en octobre chez Matador.
Matador inaugure ‘Slay On Clue’, série de rééditions du catalogue de Spoon.
Lucy Dacus, ‘Night Shift’.
bar italia, ‘Nurse!’.
Water From Your Eyes, ‘Barley’.
Algiers, ‘73%’.
Yo La Tengo, ‘Aselestine’.
Bettie Serveert, ‘Palomine 30th Anniversary Edition’.
Lucy Dacus, ‘Historian’ (Réédition).
Yo La Tengo, ‘This Stupid World’.
Horsegirl, ‘History Lesson Part 2’.
Circuit des Yeux & Claire Rousay, ‘Sunset Poem’.
Spoon, ‘Lucifer on the Moon’.
Julien Baker, ‘B-Sides’.
Snail Mail, ‘Spotify Singles’.
Interpol, ‘Fables’.
Horsegirl, ‘Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty)’.
Circuit des Yeux, ‘Live From Chicago’.
Yo La Tengo, ‘I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One’ – 25th Anniversary.
The Goon Sax, ‘Mirror II’ Digital Deluxe Edition.
Pavement, ‘Slanted and Enchanted’ – 30th Anniversary Edition.
Mdou Moctar, ‘Afrique Refait’.
Belle and Sebastian, ‘Young and Stupid’.
Interpol, ‘Something Changed’.
Horsegirl, ‘World of Pots and Pans’.
Spoon, ‘Wild EP’.
Horsegirl, ‘Anti-glory’/ ‘Versions of Modern Performance’.
Belle and Sebastian, ‘Unnecessary Drama’/ ‘A Bit of Previous’.
Lucy Dacus, ‘Kissing Lessons’.
Pavement, ‘Be The Hook’ / ‘Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal’.
Horsegirl, ‘Billy’.
Snail Mail, ‘Madonna’.
Interpol retourne en studio.
Snail Mail, ‘Valentine’.
Circuit des Yeux, ‘-io’.
Julien Baker, ‘Little Oblivions Remixes’.
The New Pornographers, ‘Mass Romantic 21st Anniversary’.
Fucked Up, ‘David Comes To Life’.
The Goon Sax, ‘Mirror II’.
Lucy Dacus, ‘Home Video’.
Bardo Pond, ‘Amanita’.
Mdou Moctar, ‘Afrique Victime’.
Bailter Space, ‘Wammo’.
Julien Baker, ‘A Dreamer’s Holyday’.
Muzz, Live In Kingston.
Belle And Sebastian, ‘What To Look For In Summer’.
Interpol, ‘Antics’, ‘Our Love To Admire’.
Mdou Moctar, ‘Chismiten’.
Yo La Tengo annonce un nouvel EP pour octobre.