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4AD, ‘Forages Podcasts’.
4AD, ‘Bills & Aches & Blues Vol.4’.
4AD, ‘Bills & Aches & Blues Vol.2’.
4AD, ‘Bills & Aches & Blues’.
cumgirl8, ‘glasshour’.
Adrianne Lenker, ‘Fool’.
Erika de Casier, ‘Ice (feat They Hate Change)’.
Pixies, ‘BBC, 1988-91’.
Adrianne Lenker, ‘Bright Future’.
Helado Negro, ‘Best For You and Me’.
Erika de Casier, ‘Still’.
Buck Meek, ‘Cuero Dudes / Beauty Opens Doors’.
Lucinda Chua, ‘Reclaiming the Rose’.
Future Islands, ‘The Fight’.
Future Islands, ‘People Who Aren’t There Anymore’.
Helado Negro, ‘Phasor’.
Tkay Maidza, ‘Out Of Luck’.
Anjimile, ‘Animal’.
cumgirl8, ‘cursed angel’.
Lush, ‘Spooky, Split & Lovelife’.
Air Miami, ‘Me. Me. Me. ‘
Anjimile, ‘The King’.
cumgirl8, ‘cicciolina’.
The National, ‘Your Mind Is Not Your Friend’.
The National, ‘Eucalyptus’.
Lucinda Chua, ‘Something Other Than Years’.
Bartees Strange, ‘Daily News’.
Lucinda Chua, ‘An Ocean’.
Dry Cleaning, ‘Swampy EP’.
Daughter, ‘Party’.
the GOLDEN DREGS, ‘Vista’.
Lucinda Chua, ‘YIAN’.
The National, ‘First Two Pages of Frankenstein’.
the GOLDEN DREGS, ‘Before We Fell From Grace’.
HAWA, ‘Actually’.
the GOLDEN DREGS, ‘Sundown Lake’.
Jenny Hval, ‘Buffy’.
Velvet Negroni, ‘Pop Song 2 & 2’.
HAWA, ‘Progression’.
Tkay Maidza, ‘High Beams’ (JPEG MAFIA Remix).
the GOLDEN DREGS, ‘On Grace & Dignity’.
Velvet Negroni, ‘Bulli’.
Dry Cleaning, ‘Gary Ashby’.
SOHN, ‘M.I.A’.
SOHN, ‘Trust’.
Dry Cleaning, ‘Stumpwork’.
Bartees Strange, ‘Hold The Line’.
Lucinda Chua, ‘Another Day’ (Roy Harper Cover).
Bartees Strange, ‘Farm to Table’.
Helado Negro, ‘Ya No Estoy Aquí’.
Bartees Strange, ‘Heavy Heart’.
Jenny Hval, ‘Classic Objects’ / ‘Year of Love’.
Aldous Harding, ‘Warm Chris’ / ‘Lawn’.
Big Thief, ‘No Reason / Spud Infinity’.
Anjimile, ‘Stranger’.
Bon Iver, ‘Bon Iver, Bon Iver (10th Anniversary Edition)’.
Pixies, ‘Trompe Le Monde’ – 30th Anniversary Reissue.
Erika De Casier, ‘Sensational’.
Tkay Maidza, ‘Last Year Was Weird Vol.2’.
The National, ‘The National’, ‘Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers’, ‘Cherry Tree EP.’
Adrianne Lenker annonce un double album pour octobre et dévoile un premier single, ‘anything’.
Les sorties Beggars du Disquaire Day 2020.
Sortie de la réédition de ‘Bossanova’, album classique des Pixies.
The Lemon Twigs, Nouveau Single Disponible